Supermarket Systems, Inc.

Supermarket Systems Provides Case Services:

Return air grilles are removed and 

 pressure washed.

Each case is thoroughly vacuumed to 

 remove dust and trash.

An approved cleaner is sprayed to all

 interior surfaces before they are cleaned.

All interior surfaces are scrubbed clean

 to a like-new appearance.

A quick-drying rust inhibiting paint is

 sprayed onto case bottoms.

Bottom wire racks and pans are removed from each case for pressure washing. All wire racks and bottom pans are reinstalled in the cases after cleaning.

Upper shelves are removed from the 

 display cases for pressure washing. 

Refrigeration coils are thoroughly washed out

to improve refrigeration efficiency.

Coil covers, even on the underside, are scrubbed clean.

Fan blades are hand-scrubbed to remove 

 all dust. Inoperative fan motors can be

 changed if found. 

Any small areas of rust are sanded and sprayed with a rust inhibiting paint.

Upper shelves are reinstalled in their

original positions.

Bottom pans, wire racks, and return air

 grilles are reinstalled in the cases.

Upper shelves removed to allow interior


Shelves, wire racks, bottom pans, and return air grilles are pressure washed outside to renew them to like-new condition.

Cleaned cases are turned over to store 

 management for restocking!

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