Store Design - Supermarket Systems can provide the following:

Project Management
Store Planning
Architecture and Engineering
Interior Design
Case Services - Supermarket Systems can provide the following:
Interior Parts: We provide all interior case parts such as deck pans with racks, return air grills, rear panels, ceiling panels, honeycomb retainers, honeycomb and upper shelves.

Exterior Parts: We provide all exterior case parts such as kick plates, front panels, master bumpers, nose bumper, canopies, and case ends.

Shelving: Organize your merchandise and maximize productivity with shelves for all case models, sizes, and colors. Our high quality shelving will last a lifetime, and is priced competitively. 

Equipment Purchasing & Sales: We sell quality refurbished equipment at significant savings over purchasing brand new cases. We can also buy your used equipment.  We have experienced tear out crews who will uninstall and remove your equipment as well.

Interior & Exterior Case Cleaning: A clean appearance is particularly essential for businesses with retail consumers.  A thorough cleaning will keep your equipment looking brand new and rejuvenated.  Our inexpensive case cleaning process includes removal, wax stripping, and pressuring washing of your kick plates. During this step, a thorough vacuuming is done beneath the cases.  The exteriors are hand cleaned and touched up where needed.  The interiors are vacuumed and pressure washed.  The drains are cleaned out as well.  Further, keeping the evaporator coils and fans clean and well maintained will increase cost effectiveness and extend the life of your equipment.

Electrostatic Painting: There is no need to purchase all new equipment when you can refresh your current equipment by making it look brand new with electrostatic painting; an excellent option for office furniture, case ends, lockers, metal workstations, elevator doors, signs, railings, doors, windows, and much more.  Revive your case interiors or exteriors and give it a coordinated, professional appearance with our quality electrostatic painting process.

Installation: The reputation of the Dutler Store Services/Supermarket Systems team for interior and exterior re-skinning and case part installation is second to none.  No other company can match the in-store experience that we have gained working with many retail food clients. Referrals are available from numerous projects that we have completed.  At well over 1,000 successful installations, we strive to make sure the installation process is a success for every client!

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Equipment Procurement - Supermarket Systems can provide store equipment ordering, purchasing, configuration and services, including the following:
Equipment Services: Supermarket Systems has over 30 years experience to meet your equipment needs. Whether buying deli items, adding a pharmacy, replacing or refurbishing a case, renovating an entire store or building a new store, we can help you select the right equipment and save you money.

Energy Savings: Supermarket Systems is always looking to provide energy saving ideas and products for our customers. Whether its replacing standard lighting with LEDs or designing the most energy efficient cooler rack system, we can help save you energy and money.Cases.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
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